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Built on a Acre of land with Panoramic view of the Catalina and Rincon mountains, Searles Care Home Tucson provides our residents with beautiful views of southern Arizona's most picturesque sunrise's and sunsets. The home is inspected and is up to code with all health department, fire department and building codes.
Fully furnished bedrooms are available for singles and couples. Each room includes a queen bedroom set with Temperpedic mattress. Housekeeping is also provided once everyday. A telephone access in each room and long distance charges are billed to the resident or a designee of the resident. Residents are also allowed to have their own bedroom furniture or chairs if requested in advance. Our bathrooms are designed for comfort while keeping safety in mind. Handrails are strategically located to make using toilets and showers easier and safer for our residents. Linens and towels are also provided. All of this is just part of our commitment to making our residents feel as comfortable as possible at Searles Care Home.
A new 3-bedroom casita that will include 2 full baths, a sitting room and kitchenette. This casita will be fully furnished healthcare facility where residents can receive care.

A waterfall and pond was added to our nature path the sound of water cascading over rocks is relaxing and soothing. We will be able to provide this lace of tranquility to our residents in a protective environment. A place where they can find peace without compromising safety.