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Searles Care Home Tucson is a fully licensed, fully inspected, 24 hour care facility. Long term and short stay care is provided by skilled and dedicated professionals committed to quality nursing care.
Service plans are developed for individual patients according to their physicians orders. Our staff will also teach and guide our residents to achieve the highest quality of life, promote recovery and ensure safety to enable them to return to their families.
We help our guest stay healthy. Alzheimer's disease attacks the brain. If we exercise the brain we can reduce the effects of the disease. Here at Searles we take the necessary steps to keep our residents as healthy and happy as possible.
We have an activity/exercise room where residents can paint, read, walk, and also participate and perform in music activities. If requested, nails and hair can be done.
Residents dine in a beautiful dining area. Three healthy meals a day along with snacks are provided 24hours a day, 7 days a week.