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Certification Classes

In addition to providing unparalleled care for our long-term and short stay residence, Marilou Errazo Searles - R.N., B.A. also offers classes in caregiving.

The Errazo & Searles Caregiver Collage provides certification  for:

Supervisory Care Service 

  • Resident Rights ( Promoting residents dignity, independent, self determination, privacy, choice )
  • Communicate effevtively with residents, their represenrative and their family
  • Managing personal stress
  • Preventing abuse, neglect, exploitation and reporting requirements
  • Controlling the spread of disease and infection
  • Documentation and record keeping
  • Following and implementing residents service plans
  • Nutrition, hydration and food services
  • Assisting in self administration of medication
  • Developing and providing social, recreational and rehabilitative activities
  • fire safety and emergency procedures

Personal Care service

  • All supervisory care service
  • Aging process, common conditions associated with aging, physical disabilities
  • Assisting residencts in activities of daily living and taking vital signs
  • Medications

Directed Care Services

  • All supervisory care services
  • All personal care services
  • Overview of Alzheimer's disease and related dementia
  • Communicating with residence who is unable to direct self-care
  • Providing services, including problem solving,
  • maximizing functioning and life skills training for a resident who is unable  to direct self-care
  • Managing difficult behavior in a resident who is unable to direct self-care
  • Developing and providing social, recreational and rehabilitation activities for residence who is unable to direct self-care

Manager Training

  • Manager training is in addition to service level training and is based upon the level of service the facility is licensed to provide. (for example, a manager of an assinted living home licenced to provide personal care service would need training at the level of personal care service and manager training.)
  • Developing residents service plans
  • business practice
  • Personal management
  • Delegation of authority
  • Developing policies and procedure
  • Overview of the laws and rules govening assited living facilities

Classes are tought here at the Searles Care Home. The classes are 2 days and includes lectures, practical training and books.

Increase your credibility, job potential and earning potential while learing why abuse and neglect exist in many care homes today.Then, you can help prevent these cases with your education and knowledge received from the Errazo & Searles Caregiver College.